Artist Statement

Specializing in landscape, nature, macro, and wildlife photography, I bring a different personal visual perspective to Colorado. Being a fifth generation Coloradoan, I have the wonderful opportunity to see a changing world before my eyes. The new wonders around me create great inspiration to capture it all. The world offers many great photographic opportunities, yet most are missed. We all walk by them never noticing the small, or interesting details. My goal is to present those details and subjects in an intriguing/mysterious manner.

I want for my images to raise the question, what am I looking at? Some images may seem to be presented in a recognizable manner, but there is always something to find deeper in the image. I want to evoke the viewer’s senses when looking through my images. A winter’s chill on the face, the crunch of the fall leaves while walking, the warm glow of the summer sun, the cool sensation of rain drops, and the colors that blend together all around. Hopefully the viewer will experience these senses while viewing my work. I invite you to experience and explore Colorado with me! – Turner Smith Photography

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