Winter Wonders

Winter is a great time to photograph the small details that normally aren’t seen. Macro is one of my favorite mediums to photograph in the winter. With new snow fall, frost, or ice, they all create great shots, especially in macro. Each photograph was taken using the Canon 100mm f/2.8 lens, attached to a Canon 5D Mark iii. It’s works in ones favor to take out one lens, whether a zoom, to prime, it allows me to see everything and just simply photograph it, verse worrying about what lens to choose. As you can see below, there is up close, medium, and far away, all using one lens.

Get up close!!! Look at the small details. Newly formed icicles, snow crystals, or frozen moments. The starkness of winter can cause some photographers to avoid going outside. However, make lemons out of lemonade. Winter is a fantastic time to create black and white images. There is of course always white with the snow, but everything else can create high contrast and really stand out.

I always try to also find color in the world of winter. From a leaf sitting perfectly in the snow, to abstracts using holiday lights. There is always something new to find up close during the “snowy” seasons. Go out, explore, and find what interests you! Amazing shots are all around.

All of these shots were taken right in my back and front yard! See what you can find without even traveling but a few feet.

Colorado Photography Experience | Turner Smith Photography

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